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Returning OBU by mail since 01.12.2019

Prepay OBUs (rechargeable OBU premid):

  1. fill-in the form for all pre-pay OBUs sent;
  2. fill-in your bank data only if you had paid the caution and/or credit of some OBUs in cash;
  3. generate a PDF and print it out;
  4. sign the form and put it into the package;
  5. add there the copies of your pre-pay vehicles documentation (registration certificates).

Post-pay OBU (paid by invoice):

  • NO documents required to be filled-in and attached to post-pay OBUs sent by mail.

Returning OBUs at service points from 01.12.2019 to 31.01.2020

List of Contact Points CP [XLS] [PDF]
List and Map of 25 Distribution Points DP [XLS] [PDF]
Map of 25 Distribution Points DP [GIF]

General Documents

Primary and secondary legislation*

*source: http://www.portal.gov.cz

310: Act No. 13/1997 Sb. (with effect from 1. 1. 2016) [PDF]
311: Act No. 56/2001 Sb. (with effect from 1. 1. 2016) [PDF]
312: Czech Gvnmt Decree No 240/2014 Sb.(with effect from 1. 1. 2015) [PDF]
313: Czech MoT Regulation No 470/2012 Sb. (with effect from 1. 1. 2018) [PDF]

Business and Operational Documents #

325: Contractual Terms of the Electronic Tolling System Operator (in force 11-01-2019) [PDF]
328: Power of Attorney, Revocation of Power of Attorney (specimen) [PDF]
352: Enumeration of obligations and claims (EN) (for accounting) [DOC]
341: Tariff Table for Toll Segments (obsolete, valid till 11/30/2019) [XLS]
— : — — — , (obsolete tariff tables) for downloading here
371: List of Contact Points CP [XLS] [PDF]
372: List of Distribution Points DP [XLS] [PDF]
373: List of Banking and Fleet Cards accepted [XLS] [PDF]

Technical Documents #

302: CE0682 — OBU / Declaration of Conformity [PDF]
343: Table of Emission Categories [PDF]

Maps #

381: Network of Czech roads that are subject to the toll A4 valid till 30/11/2019 [GIF]
382: Map A0 … toll segments IDs type D01011 (7.4 MB) [PDF]
383: Map A0 … toll segments IDs type D0123 (7,4 MB) [PDF]
Map of 25 Distribution Points DP [GIF]

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