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Return of OBU

How to return an OBU

(brief overview of terms and conditions on OBU returning … also download as PDF)

The deposit will be refunded for OBU premid, that:

  • is not expired (OBU premid expires when there is no toll transaction recorded in the last 12 months)
  • and is not soiled or damaged.

Unspent credit balance will be refunded from pre-pay OBU premid in case it is not expired.

until 31/01/2020
Distribution points (individually)
25 Distribution Points … until 31/01/2020
Contact Points
15 Contact Points, only Mon-Fri … until 31/01/2020
… in case you do not prove with original of vehicle registration certificate/card:
  • your ID card
  • … and in case your OBU is registered on behalf of company, verified Certificate of Incorporation or Trade Certificate and - unless a statutory representative is present - verified power of attorney
BY POST Central Collection Point
since 01./12./2019, the latest delivery 31/05/2020
MYTO CZ, P. O. Box 33, 130 11 Praha 3, Czechia
Contact Points
15 Contact Points, delivery until 31/01/2020 at the latest
REQUIRED DOCS Post-pay OBUs premid (paid by invoice):
  • no documents required
Pre-pay OBUs premid (charged in advance):

Forfeiture of Deposit

There will be a forfeiture of deposit if the device is:

  • Mechanically damaged  (for instance scratched, cracked, broken, open, painted or otherwise dirty ort he barcode is damaged)
  • has not been used more than one year – there is no recorded toll transaction more than one year

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