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Mobile App MYTO CZ

Mobile application MYTO CZ displays on your cellphone an overview of your vehicle registration data, your prepaid toll balance, information about the toll system and relevant news. The application is available for platforms:

About the App

App mMYTO CZ displays data from Czech toll system with a commission of RSD CR, its operator. Some of its functions - especially the prepaid toll balance and news - require an on-line connection, otherwise the data may be outdated.

App Features

OBU Information

Access to data registered on vehicle account in the toll system (incl. prepaid balance in PRE-PAY mode). Access to the mailbox with news distributed to all users or individually to the OBU holder. Requires to be online.

User Guide

Brief instructions for the most common situations the users of the toll system can encounter. Included in the app, so available off-line, updated on-line if available. Texts in languages: Czech, Slovak, Polish, German, Russian, Hungarian, Spanish and English.

DP Map

Interactive map of service points available on-line; its default static version available off-line included in the app.


Rough calculation of toll charge expected between starting and ending highway exits. Included in the app, so even available off-line.


App interface language can be set and on-line update mode:

  • whenever launched | once a day | manually
  • in wifi range only

Screenshot Samples


SMS info about balance in your pre-pay device

You can receive information about remaining balance in your device by sending sms. 

Send SMS to + 420 720 013 029, this SMS should include:

  • your OBU number (barcode), for instance 01234567890
  • number of your account, for instance 1234567
  • In this format INFO yourOBUnumber numberofyouraccount To number  +420 720 013 029
  • For example this way INFO 01234567890 1234567

You will receive within 5 minutes a message that will include:

  • registration number of your vehicle
  • remaining balance in Czech crowns
  • date and time
  • expiry date if you no longer use the device

The cost of sending a text message will be as for a standard sms according to your tariff.

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