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Novi ugovorni uvjeti


Na snazi od 01. 11. 2019

New wording of Contractual Terms is valid since November 01st and is complemented due to the ending of curent technology of the toll system the 30th of November, 2019. Namely it includes:

  • returning of current post-paid OBUs (ch. 4.5) and prepaid OBUs (ch. 4.7)
  • centre of OBUs collection since 1.12.2019 (ch. 9.9)
  • validity of banking guarantees (ch. 14.3.3)
  • termination of post-pay contract (ch. 17.5)

Detailed instructions and procedures will be provided on this website in time.

Traffic Information Dopravní informace

Due Toll Notification Letter Dopis o dlužném mýtném:

Operator Of The Toll System Provozovatel mýtného systému